Psychosexual Therapy

Jo Morgan Jo Morgan

This is a specialist therapy offered to couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual difficulties, which can be far reaching. Typically, erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, loss of desire, pain during intercourse, climax problems, sexual addiction and sexual identity stress.

The initial appointment is an assessment which will help to establish the cause, for example: purely medical, emotional, or psychological symptoms all of which can be contributory factors.

Feedback and a personal programme will be designed and mutually agreed upon. It might be beneficial to have a further appointment to look at the history of the difficulties; this will be negotiated at your first appointment. If a medical examination is advised to determine the causation a referral to a NHS specialist clinic will be made.

Psychosexual therapy enables you to address any sexual difficulties as well as explore sensitive areas if in a relationship. Tasks will never be requested during sessions. The therapy will be tailored around specific needs and difficulties. This may involve a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programme where tasks are completed in the privacy of your own home. Ideally on a weekly basis which can be negotiated. The treatment programmes have proven to be very effective.

Clearly sexual problems can be difficult to discuss as it is a very sensitive and intimate subject. Your therapist will quickly put you at ease, clients feedback is their first appointment was much easier than they imagined! Often couples can find it difficult to discuss sexual difficulties but your highly trained therapist will help you. Some people prefer to attend by themselves which you are very welcome to do. However, in committed relationships often the outcome of therapy has proven more beneficial when addressed together.

If sexual identity is an issue, therapy can help to normalise your experiences by discussing areas such as your biological sex, sexual orientation, gender roles and other aspects which contribute to our sexual selves.

Psychosexual therapy can also help with conception, where certain conditions such as dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) can be overcome, resulting in much longed for pregnancy.

If you would like to find out more or book an appointment please follow the link to Jo Morgan. We look forward to hearing from you.