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Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage
Therapeutic/Deep Tissue MassageFor thousands of years the laying on of hands or massage has been used to heal and comfort, and forms of massage are found in almost every culture. Massage is the manipulation of soft body tissue. Hands, thumbs, fingers, forearms or elbows can be gently used to apply pressure to areas of the body as necessary.

Regular massage strengthens and tones the entire body system. It can stimulate or calm the nervous system, help to ease tension, stiffness and pain leaving the recipient with an enhanced sense of well being.

Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles not with the grain. Deep tissue massage helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue. Deep tissue massage usually focuses on more specific areas and may cause some soreness during or right after the massage. However, if the massage is done correctly you should feel better than ever within a day or two.

Neuro-Muscular technique (NMT) can be built in and applied as part of a normal massage routine. When muscles are held in a tight position for prolonged periods of time the nervous system begins to accept this position as the new normal state for the muscle and consequently the muscle remains contracted. NMT is applied by applying focused pressure on a particular area of tightness for up to 90 seconds. What happens next is that the nervous system suppresses its normal reaction to contract and, after a short period, tension in the area is released and the pain diminishes as relaxation occurs. Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a name for a variety of techniques that stretch, strengthen or break down fibrous adhesions. It uses the patient’s own effort and movement, rather than that of the therapist to treat the problem.

Cancellation policy
Full fee will be required if less than 24 hours notice given.

NB : Initial consultation may require the completion of a questionnaire, in which case the session time may be slightly longer than that shown, but at the same fee. Alternatively, you may be asked to arrive a few minutes before your appointment time to complete the paperwork in our waiting area.

Indian head massage
Indian head is one of the most relaxing massages, as there are a vast number of nerve endings in the head. This treatment can be carried out on a chair, or on a massage couch. You can decide whether you would like to be massaged over clothes, or directly onto the skin. The massage usually takes forty-five minutes, with fifteen minutes spent on each of the back, face and head. This treatment is known to balance the chakras.

The origins of Indian head massage, as the title suggests, are in India. It has been around for thousands of years and is thought to be a very spiritual treatment as well as of physical help. There are many benefits, such as improving blood circulation, releasing endorphins, improving concentration, removing toxins and releasing tension in the back, neck and head. It also releases built up stress within your body and it can support headaches and migraines, improve sleep patterns, enhance your memory and make you feel calm and peaceful.

Aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy has been around for 3,500BC, and was popular with the Egyptians. The oils were linked to magic and religion. They would send the fumes to the gods, hoping they would answer their prayers, and hopes for the future. Today, we are aware of the many true benefits of the oils, helping with stress and aches and pains. There are many oils on the market; however, I will be showing the benefits of a select few, which I feel are the most important.

Black pepper

This oil is very good for aches and pains, if you have trapped knots in your back or aching limbs, this is the oil for you! It is good for colds, flu and improves blood circulation around the body. It is a stimulating oil, so it will make you feel wide awake.


This oil is very soothing, and will relax and sooth the mind and the body. This oil can help with head discomfort, feeling low, indigestion and skin conditions.

Ylang ylang

This oil stimulates and calms the body and mind, simultaneously, balancing the body. It is known to help with anxiety, stress and intestinal problems.

Rose otto

Rose otto is one of the most expensive of the oils, costing about £70 for a tiny bottle, although, it can be bought more affordably, diluted with a base oil such as grapeseed. It is good for relaxation and often used to help with head discomfort, sleep issues, dry skin and throat issues.


It refreshes and stimulates the body, very good for skin tone and appearance. It also supports our joints and our circulatory system. If you have been on holiday, it can be used to soothe insect bites.

These oils can be mixed with other oils. Orange and grapefruit go very together, as they revitalise the body. Lemon and ylang ylang blend very nicely, as both will destress the mind. I will conduct a thorough consultation to find out which essential oils could be used. Whether you want to be relaxed or have your spirits lifted, this massage has great potential.

Treatment Fees

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Sam Cleverly £40 1 hour
Sam Cleverly £45 1 hour Hot Stone Massage
Charlotte Perrey £38 1 hr Swedish
Charlotte Perrey £20 30 mins Swedish back, neck and shoulder
Charlotte Perrey £40 Aromatherapy 1 hr
Charlotte Perrey £22 30 mins Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder
Charlotte Perrey £30 45 minutes Indian Head massage
Sarah Geraghty £40 1 hour