Natalie Weekes Natalie Weekes

Homeopathy is safe and effective for everyone. With over 2000 professionally prepared remedies at my disposal, I can tailor make a prescription to meet your specific needs – be they mental, emotional or physical or all three. Homeopathy can be used for first aid and/or chronic problems.

Homeopathy works because I can match your symptoms, your disposition, your quirks and foibles to remedy prescriptions to bring about positive change. Most treatment plans are relatively short, but the longer you have been troubled by your problems, the longer the treatment plan will have to be.

Homeopathy can help to restore health and well being to those who are unwell and can help to maintain vitality in those who are well. There will be no requirement for you to give up any conventional medicine you are taking – homeopathy can work alongside your medication.

Your appointment with me will be relaxed and unhurried. Initial consultations are booked for 1-2 hours when you are listened to carefully and without judgement. Follow up appointments are scheduled for 40-60 mins every 4-6 weeks when I will assess the changes and improvements brought about by the first prescription. The intervals between appointments will increase as your vitality progresses.

I have seen success with patients struggling with a whole host of complaints including anxiety, depression, women’s health from puberty to menopause, pregnancy, digestive issues and hayfever. I welcome enquiries of all sorts from people from all walks of life, from baby hood to old age.

I look forward to meeting you.

Treatment Fees

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Natalie Weekes New clients (Adults) £70 1 – 2 hours
New clients (children under 18) £40 1 – 2 hours
Follow-ups Adults £40 40 – 60 mins
Follow-ups Children £30 40 – 60 mins