Craniosacral Therapy

Claire Attridge Claire Attridge

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy that works with understanding how our physical and emotional experiences have shaped us. Many clinical conditions can arise from how we have embodied these experiences.

Craniosacral therapy developed from the work of an osteopath, Dr WG Sutherland, who worked at the beginning of the 20th century. He discovered that there is a subtle rhythmic movement in the body which is the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This movement is expressed as a tide-like ebb and flow and the bones of the head and base of the spine follow this movement known as craniosacral motion.

In Craniosacral therapy there is an understanding that Health expresses itself through this tidal movement within the different fluids and tissues of the body. Where this movement becomes restricted this can lead to an increase of pain and tension which can affect our whole wellbeing.

By using a light non-invasive touch to engage with this subtle movement, craniosacral therapists become aware of how stress and compressive patterns are held in our bodies and help to facilitate a release.

Craniosacral therapy is suitable for all ages and a wide range of conditions. Clients come for varying reasons. Some have specific health issues. Some feel it helps them deal with stress or trauma in a more positive way. Others come for regular ‘top-ups’ as they feel it increases their health and vitality and gives them a greater capacity to deal with life in general.

Sessions are 1 hour and there is usually no need to remove clothing. People may experience sensations of heat, tingling or relaxation as the body lets go of its restrictions. Usually 3-6 sessions are suggested, as treatments are cumulative in effect.

If you would like to know if craniosacral therapy can help you with a specific condition, please ring me on 0777 3204001 or contact Reception on 0117 9620008.

Cancellation policy:
A full fee is payable for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Treatment Fees

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Claire Attridge £50 1 hour