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Jo Morgan Jo Morgan

A crisis is an opportunity to examine and reshape ourselves and to remake life choices.

Counselling facilitates this journey by providing a supportive, accepting and reflective environment where we can explore our feelings, our attitudes and fears and move through our limitations. In doing so we may find our authentic selves and allow our full potential to unfold.

The counselling offered is informed by principles of mindfulness, acceptance and mind-body integration.

Each person is unique, with his or her own reason for coming, with his or her own strength and potential for growth. Each session is a response to this individuality. Sometimes the listening presence of the counsellor is enough. At other times, mindfulness techniques, visualization and focusing on body sensation and associated memories are useful, especially with anxiety, burnout or stress.

Counselling available:

Long and short term individual counselling.

Couple counselling.

Short term mindfulness therapy.

Strategies in managing and transforming stress, anxiety and burn out.

What problems can counselling help with?

Counselling can help with: Life choices, including career and relationship issues,



Depression and anxiety.

Stress and trauma.

Pamela Moolman has over twenty years’ counselling experience. She has a CQSW, a BSc and MA, both in psychology and applied social studies (1980) and has studied Hakomi psychotherapy, somatic movement and mindfulness.

Counselling with Jo Morgan

I offer Counselling for individuals and couples, on both a short term and longer term basis depending on your needs. Within the therapy I can offer you a supportive, accepting and safe environment to discuss your concerns and to make sense out of them.

I will help facilitate an exploration of your thoughts feelings and behaviours to shed light on what is causing you difficulties and more importantly to then move forwards and change old patterns that no longer serve you well.

Every person is individual with their own unique strengths personality and ‘authentic’ self. Often our ‘authentic’ self is to one degree or another squashed due to family, societal and other ideologies surrounding ‘right and wrong’ and ‘good and bad’, therapy can enable a casting off and growing through such constraints to enable ones true potential to begin to grow and flourish.


Tel: 07790 593585 (Bristol)


Treatment Fees

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Pamela Moolman £45 60 min session
Jo Morgan £50 for individuals £55 for couples 50 min session