Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also known as Chinese Medicine, is a complete system of medicine. It is the world’s oldest continuously recorded medical system with detailed textbooks dated back 2,500 years. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine are its key therapies. Dietary therapy, massage, meditation, Chi Gong and Tai Ji (Tai Chi) are also closely associated with TCM.The way of Chinese medicine understanding the human body is unique. It is a truly holistic system that sees the body-mind processes as an integrated whole, the life and activity of individual human beings have an intimate relationship with the environment.

The practice of Chinese medicine is maturing in the West. The key to its popularity is its effectiveness, its ability to restore the normal functioning of the human body, especially in the treatment of chronic, functional disorders.

Practitioners prescribe a custom made formula designed to treat both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the imbalance.

Is it safe?

Chinese herbal medicine is not a folk medicine. The practice of Chinese herbal medicine at its highest level demands years of training. Most graduates from Traditional Chinese Medicine universities in China are able to diagnose in Western medical terms and prescribe Western pharmaceuticals.

Every year massive amounts of research are carried out into the basic pharmacology and clinical use of herbal medicine in China. No other form of medicine has been laboratory and clinical tested over such a time span.

When Chinese herbal medicine is practiced by well-trained practitioners it is very safe. Adverse reactions are extremely rare. Your response is carefully monitored with regular follow-up appointments.

Treatment Fees

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Ying Liu Herb only consultation – £15 15 minutes

N.B. Herbs (tablets, granules or loose herbs) vary from 20p to £2 per day.